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Youth Peace Clubs

Youth Peace Clubs

The Youth Peace Club initiative provides the youth of the country an opportunity to analyze the social issues around them, discover the moral degradation in those conditions, take ownership and scrutinize and discuss various forms of the solution to the issue, and work toward its resolution with a team. It provides the opportunity to become socially conscious and morally motivated, develop analyzing skills, and manifest innovative ideas and cohesive teamwork to work for the greater good.

The initiative is part of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) India’s program towards Moral and Innovative Leadership. Through this initiative, GPF India aims to develop moral and innovative leaders and instigate social entrepreneurship among youth through furnishing ownership and teamwork.

The Youth Peace Club also visualizes enrooting sustainable peace in the country by engaging the youth in value-based peacebuilding.

Moral and Innovative Leadership

  • A 'vision-driven' leadership through moral instigation to work for the greater good and larger purpose and innovative capability to use creativity to make advances and transformations in every human endeavor sector, challenging obstacles and searching out new solutions.

  • Encouraging leadership potential to take responsibility and 'be the change they thrive on bringing. The change indicates both self, community, or any sector.

  • Taking 'inspiration and inspiring' others to follow a greater path leading to personal, social, and global welfare for peaceful development.

Value Framework

The Global Peace Values Framework describes how we can develop into responsible, virtuous global citizens and leaders.

  • Commence the motivation to Live for the Greater Good.

  • Developing motivation and aspiration through Dreaming Big.

  • Taking action to substantiate dreams by Ownership.

  • Inspiring and engaging others to own the dream and participate in its fulfillment through Teamwork.

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