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Facets of Faith

Facets of Faith is a transformative program to promote inter-faith and intercultural understanding, harmony, unity, and a sense of urgency to work together for peace. One gets to know the oneness of the Human family and our shared ideals of hope, love, compassion, and concern for everyone. It doesn't stop there. This program enables one to imbibe leadership qualities based on ethics and appeals to one's mind and heart.

The current structure of FOF is thus holistic in its approach to understanding and bringing into action the ideals enunciated by scholars and sages worldwide.


Fostering Environmental Virtue

To preserve the ‘Vasudhaiva’ for establishing global peace and encouraging its awareness in global citizens, GPF India’s project Fostering Environment Virtue works to upscale grassroots environmental conservation initiatives, strengthening sustainable development goals towards climate action and inclusive society, and the blue economy. The project also focuses on consolidating human well-being through supporting and working on the global WASH initiative.

Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC)

Global Peace Leadership Conferences (GPLC) are strategic, multi-sector convenings of the Global Peace Foundation and partners, bringing together leaders from government, business, academia, the non-profit sector, and faith communities to address pressing regional challenges and work toward collaborative solutions within a framework of moral and innovative leadership. GPLCs have been convened in Tanzania, India, South Korea, Nigeria, Mongolia, Northern Ireland, Uganda, Brazil, and the United States.


Moral and Innovative Leadership Forums

Moral leadership is vision driven and guided by universal principles and shared values. A moral leader always seeks the larger purpose, the greater good of the whole, and upholds the noble qualities of humanity in their leadership. Their moral and ethical foundations guide a moral leader’s perspective, decisions, and actions. Innovative leadership is forward-looking, out-of-the-box, and possibility has driven. Such leadership inspires people to use their God-given creativity to advance and transform every sector of human endeavor to challenge obstacles and find new solutions.


This is education or training that is desperately needed in our communities today. We need to cultivate a deep longing, a desire, vision, and understanding of peace, peace in our hearts, in our families, our neighborhoods, in our communities, and in our nations; then, and only then, can we make peace a reality.

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Peace & Leadership Training

Strengthening the Youth Leaders across the country, GPF India organizes various Peacebuilding and Leadership Trainings. The trainings are conducted in four sections, including, Moral and Innovative Leadership Training, Advance Peace Training, Social Entrepreneurship, and Training through Partnership. Through the sessions, the youths are introduced to the basics of peacebuilding, leadership skills, social entrepreneurship, and practical methods to contribute towards global peace.

Period Awareness Drive (P.A.D)

The Period Awareness Drive is a holistic initiative that aims to transform the way menstruation is perceived and managed in rural areas and marginalized communities in India. By involving various stakeholders and addressing different dimensions of menstrual health, this project contributes to the overall well-being and empowerment of women and girls while promoting sustainable practices and reducing the stigma surrounding menstruation.


Sustainable Means of Inclusive Lifelong Empowerment (S.M.I.L.E)

S.M.I.L.E is a community-based program that empowers families, youth, and children in diverse communities. It promotes peace and drives grassroots changes by transforming attitudes and behaviours through direct engagement. The program serves as a platform for donations of time, money, food, and clothing, bringing joy to both givers and receivers.

Youth Circle Dialogue

Youth Circle Dialogues serve as purpose-driven and engaging exchanges, uniting young individuals from varied backgrounds and generations to delve into the intersections of peace. These dialogues provide a platform to cultivate substantive conversations, promote attentive listening, foster collaborative efforts, and heighten awareness about the diverse factors influencing societal harmony.


Youth Peace Clubs Network (YPC)

Youth Peace Clubs are part of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) India’s program towards Moral and Innovative Leadership. Through this initiative, GPF India aims to develop moral and innovative leaders and instigate social entrepreneurship among youth through furnishing ownership and teamwork. The Youth Peace Club also visualizes enrooting sustainable peace in the country by engaging the youth in value-based peacebuilding.

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