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Fostering Environment Virtue

Fostering Environment Virtue

To preserve the ‘Vasudhaiva’ for establishing global peace and encouraging its awareness in global citizens, GPF India’s project Fostering Environment Virtue works to upscale grassroots environmental conservation initiatives, strengthening sustainable development goals towards climate action and inclusive society, and the blue economy. The project also focuses on consolidating human well-being through supporting and working on the global WASH initiative.


  • Supporting environmental justice through preservation and awareness programs.

  • Fostering virtues and education on environmental conservation.

  • Working upscaling grassroots transformation towards climate action and peacebuilding.

  • Assisting the WASH initiative to encourage global human well-being and development.

Project Details

  • We conducted many Cleanup drives. Locations in Ghaziabad, Sahibabad, and Meerut. With the corporate team's engagement, we collected over 80kg of waste from all the areas.

  • Plantation is also a significant part of the environment to improve air quality, maintain the ecological balance, and many more. In some locations like Kapurthala, Jalandhar, and Galheta under the Fostering Environmental Virtue, we planted more than 50 saplings in Universities, Government, and Private Schools.

  • WASH initiative to encourage access to safe water, improved sanitation, and sufficient hygiene infrastructure. In the Underprivileged sector, with the help of some donations, we provide soap to families and conduct a workshop on WASH activities for their good health and well-being. Areas like Karawal Nagar, DLF, Kapurthala and Jalandhar.

Urban Areas

  • Our engagement with urban companies focuses on cleanliness initiatives and tree planting.

  • Cleanup drives keep the city clean and sanitary by removing litter and garbage.

  • Tree planting improves the urban landscape by providing shade, increasing air quality, and helping to create a greener environment.

  • Workshop and sessions on the Sustainable Lifestyle with the companies and Schools/Colleges

Rural Development Program

  • In rural areas, we will adopt a village and then transform the village with the help of the government (Panchayat) to develop in various ways.

  • We may educate children and the community about important issues such as improving water and sanitation practices, greater hygiene, and a cleaner environment.

  • We aim to improve schools and assist local farmers in learning modern farming techniques and innovative ways to water their crops utilizing advanced technology and solar and hydro power electricity and promote organic farming.

  • A village where people self-sustain their waste management processes locally.

  • Educate people and develop their skills to 

  • Help to improve Sustainable practices in the village.

  • Improve access to quality education and healthcare facilities for children and adults.

  • Encourage alternative livelihoods, such as handicrafts, tourism-related services, and small-scale industries.

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