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Periods Awareness Drive

Periods Awareness Drive (P.A.D)

PAD- Period Awareness Drive (Formerly – Donate a PAD) is an ongoing project by GPF India that started in 2018. The main objective of this drive is to create
awareness about Menstrual Hygiene and Sustainable Menstrual practices among women in rural areas, colonies, slums, etc., and promote sustainable methods to do the same.

Our Vision

Restrictions, absence of information, and admittance to sterile napkins are reasons the menstrual cycle restricts women's lives; the menstrual cycle slows women's lives in many spots. In many areas.
GPF India accepts that together we can have an effect and lead a progression of drives to change the truth of the people who need it most. We acknowledge that all ladies and young ladies ought to accomplish the ideal medical care

Our Mission

  • To raise knowledge about menstruation health and cleanliness among rural girls and women.

  • To encourage good menstrual hygiene habits in rural regions by providing biodegradable pads and menstrual cups.

  • To teach young girls and women about menstruation and the need for hygiene habits.

  • To guarantee that women and girls live in environmentally friendly surrounding that recognize and support their capacity to regulate their menstruation in a dignified manner


Our organization follows a three-visit approach to transforming a village or small area, focusing on menstrual hygiene and empowerment. Here's a breakdown of our process:

  • Visit One: We conduct surveys and gather basic information about the area's specific needs regarding menstrual hygiene. We engage with local women and young girls, holding interactive sessions to enhance their understanding of menstrual hygiene practices and dispel myths and misconceptions.

  • Visit Two: We distribute sustainable menstrual products like cups and reusable cloth pads. Non-biodegradable sanitary pads pose challenges in areas needing proper disposal systems. We promote fully compostable pads and reusable options, guiding practical usage for long-term benefits.

  • Visit Three: We collect feedback from women on the products they've used, assessing their effectiveness and acceptance. We also address common myths and misconceptions surrounding menstruation, broadening perspectives and empowering women to discuss their health openly.

  • Additionally, we assign a dedicated volunteer from our organization to maintain regular contact with the community. This volunteer provides ongoing support and updates, ensuring a sustained effort to address menstrual hygiene and fostering positive change.​

Plan of Action

  •  Identify the target audience and drive location.

  •  Promote menstrual products.Determine objectives: raise awareness, dispel myths,

  •  Develop engaging and informative content

  •  Collaborate with local organizations or influencers

  •  Set up booths or kiosks for distribution and information

  •  Organize interactive sessions for open conversations

  • Collect feedback and evaluate the impact for future improvements

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