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Moral and Innovative Leadership Forums

Moral and Innovative Leadership Forums

Today’s youth are crucial in promoting social justice and peace through active engagement. However, many of them lack the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively address and resolve the issues they encounter in different situations. Furthermore, many youths remain uninformed or indifferent to their surroundings' conflicts and social challenges. Therefore, raising their social awareness and cultivating innovative leadership abilities is imperative to effectively empower them to tackle these issues.


Global Peace Foundation is working towards an innovative, values-based approach to peacebuilding, guided by the vision of One Family under God (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). The organization considers universally recognized principles and shared values necessary for fostering social cohesiveness among states and the global community. By promoting the idea of a shared future, shared identity, common aspiration, and everyone belonging to one human family, sustainable peace is aimed to be achieved by the organization. Global Peace Foundation is putting significant efforts toward developing moral and innovative leadership values and instigating social entrepreneurship among the Global youth through furnishing ownership and teamwork.


“Moral and Innovative leadership” combines two essential qualities of leadership. Moral leadership is vision driven and guided by universal principles and shared values. A moral leader always seeks the larger purpose, the greater good of the whole, and upholds the noble qualities of humanity in their leadership. Their moral and ethical foundations guide a moral leader’s perspective, decisions, and actions. Innovative leadership is forward-looking, out-of-the-box, and possibility has driven. Such leadership inspires people to use their God-given creativity to advance and transform every sector of human endeavor to challenge obstacles and find new solutions.


In strengthening similar values among youth, GPF India is organizing the ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ Moral and Innovative Leadership Forum in all states and union territories parts of India. The forum introduces conflicts, peace approaches, and methods for bringing people together and resolving issues. It emphasizes developing young peace advocates by empowering youth through various activities and dialogue.

Objective of the Forum

  • Strengthening moral and innovative leadership among youth.

  • To equip the youth with the knowledge of peace approaches for advancing harmony and welfare.

  • To introduce significant peacebuilding tools to the youth.

  • To encourage youth to take initiatives for peacebuilding with their innovative ideas.

  • To identify and recognize youth servicing towards Global Peace and community development.

The Value Framework

The Global Peace Values Framework describes how we can develop into responsible, virtuous global citizens and leaders.

  • Commence the motivation to Live for the Greater Good.

  • Developing motivation and aspiration through Dream Big.

  • Taking action to substantiate dreams by Ownership.

  • Inspiring and engaging others to own the dream and participate in its fulfillment through Teamwork

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