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Peacebuilding and Leadership Training

Peacebuilding and Leadership Training

Strengthening the Youth Leaders across the country, GPF India organizes various Peacebuilding and Leadership Trainings. The trainings are conducted in four sections, including, Moral and Innovative Leadership Training, Advance Peace Training, Social Entrepreneurship, and Training through Partnership. Through the sessions, the youths are introduced to the basics of peacebuilding, leadership skills, social entrepreneurship, and practical methods to contribute towards global peace.


With this training we are advancing the knowledge of peacebuilding, leadership and social entrepreneurship.​


  • Moral and Leadership Training: The sessions introduce the youth to leadership skills and the Global Peace Foundation value framework. The training includes sessions of social and emotional learning, promoting moral and peace education. Action-oriented approaches are adopted to provide clarity on the role of youth in peacebuilding in society.

  • Advance Peace Training: The training focuses on educating the youth with basic knowledge of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, both empirical and cognitive. The session focuses on academic knowledge and its implementation for efficient contribution towards peacebuilding work.

  • Social Entrepreneurship Training: The sessions focus on training the youth to become social entrepreneurs and serve for global peace. The training is conducted by GPF India through Wings of Entrepreneurship, organized in collaboration with GPF Brazil and promoted in GPLC Indo-Pacific 2023 through the Leap Hub Challenge.

  • Training through Partnership: GPF India collaborates with various partners to organize youth training sessions on different themes and areas to connect them for further knowledge and skill development practices.

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