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Hundreds of Youth Join GPF India Peace Clubs

More than 500 young people on college campuses across India have established and joined “Peace Clubs” inspired by the Global Peace Foundation’s (GPF) vision of One Family under God. Students come from a variety of religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds. Utilizing their creativity and specific passions, youth in the peace clubs are coming up with new ways to serve their communities, grow a network of young leaders interested in peacebuilding, and generate substantial change in their societies.

Youth from the DITU peace club visit places of worship during GPF’s Facets of Faith program

The activities are varied and widespread. At the Birla Institute of Applied Science, Peace Club students organized a medical camp. At Banaras Hindu University, students created a street play on road safety. Delivering messages on topics ranging from equal rights for women to addressing drug addiction, environmental protection, and entrepreneurship, more than 30 different schools have Peace Clubs that are striving to bring awareness to what they believe are the most critical issues to address in their local areas.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, or “the world is one family,” is a touchstone of Indian spirituality. This Indian phrase is akin to GPF’s vision of “One Family under God.” Youth in the newly established Peace Clubs across India understand this important axiom as an essential component for peace and cooperation in a diverse country and world where religious and tribal conflict makes headlines every day.

Most Peace Clubs conducted their first orientation meetings in November 2022 and are currently planning many winter events and projects, including donation drives and medical camps to aid underserved communities.

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