GPF India promotes the idea of One Family under God through the vision of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्) which tries to foster an understanding that the whole of humanity is one family.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) is an international non-sectarian, non-partisan, nonprofit organization, which advances an innovative, values-based approach to peacebuilding, guided by the vision of One Family under God.

GPF India aims to develop a world where every individual has intrinsic value, dignity, and fundamental rights, as endowed by the Creator and gain the highest attribute, along with spiritual and moral essence. We intend to encourage the thought of human nature to find its fullest expression and meaning in relation to others and develop their innate potential through their choices and actions.



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The three essential elements (Interfaith Leadership, Strengthening Families and Building a Culture of Service) of the GPF Approach to Peacebuilding are interwoven to develop programs that address the following GPF Focus Areas.

Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding

Builds broad awareness of the central importance of universal principles and shared values as the basis for social cohesion and peacebuilding.

Moral and Innovative Leadership

Develops a multi-sector movement of moral and innovative leaders who work in partnership to address the critical issues of conflict and corruption in communities, nations, and regions.

Empowering Families and Youth

Empowers families as the primary means of instilling values and promotes an education culture that fosters character and creativity to guide youth to become ethical global citizens.

Catalyst for Transformation

Builds comprehensive, collaborative, sustainable community and national development models that enable all to achieve spiritual and material well-being.


All people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or culture, are members of One Family under God.


Invest in us to make this world a better place and build a culture of service.

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Volunteer / Intern

Join our Global Peace Task force by becoming a Volunteer at GPF India and help build a peaceful world.

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Collaboration is the key to making a positive impact on society. We invite you to partner with us in our different initiatives.

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The experience I have gained at GPF India will allow me to put the knowledge and skills into practice both academically and in real-life situations. I had the opportunity to think about real-world problems and conduct critical research on various topics, where I learned about various important agreements and policy frameworks of many global initiatives, which not only made me think about the issues that the world is facing but also about the innovative solutions taken by various global organizations. The GPF team is very supportive and helpful and through the mentorship, they are genuine experts with a wealth of experience, while at the same time very kind, open, and ready to help.

Nandini Singh
Participant - I am a Peacebuilder

I had the opportunity to work on the P.A.D. program, which is a highly inspiring effort that educated me on how to bring change at the grassroots level by sharing knowledge and providing resources. This experience helped me develop leadership qualities and taught me the value of teamwork, which are two of the most vital abilities in my view. Hearing the experience shared by people who went to villages for the program has inspired me. This program has great capability to bring transformative change to society and I would love to be associated with it.

Liza Gupta
Volunteer – PAD Program

Facets of Faith has been a wonderful experience for me. The sessions and visits have genuinely encouraged me to look into religion and the different faiths, something that I haven’t considered to be an important part of my life. Also, the team members have shared a lot of knowledge and experience regarding different faith and specially peacebuilding. There was so much to learn from different resource persons and scholars invited. The best part is that I could find similarities with other faiths which taught me a lot.

Karan Rawat
Participant - Facets of Faith